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Everbest Group of companies’ humble beginning started in 1995, a dynamic integrated company in Malaysia that largely specializing in the manufacturing and distributing of soya based food products which include bean curd skin, yuba and vegetarian series of products. We instill the traditional family values of diligence, hard work, integrity, respect, trust, and together with our “Customers Come First” principle, Everbest has successfully produced the healthiest and most innovative soybean products of the highest quality.


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2009 - 2011


vegetarian series







With a wide distribution network spanning across Asia, we plan to establish a larger market internationally and provide support to Malaysia’s quest in becoming a major exporter. We’re committed to promoting great tasting and natural soybean products to our valued customers globally.
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We aim to be an innovative company to develop wholesome foods that create a better and healthier lifestyle for all consumers. Create a better and healthier lifestyle for our consumers; the emphasis on our customers’ welfare is second to none. We look forward to appreciating, anticipating and accommodating the needs of our customers at all times.
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High-Tech Processing Plants

With our state-of-the-art processing plant in Penang Science Park, Everbest became the first integrated soybean products processor in Malaysia in 2013. The 184,000 square feet plant is in full compliance with certifications. Its completion allowed us to introduce some of the latest and most sophisticated technologies that enabled us to further innovate our line of products.
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Green Technology

As ever, growing concerns about the health of our planet remains a priority to all of us at Everbest. We emphasize on the use of green technology by recycling: soybean husks to biomass; emitted steam to energy generation for our own use. With this in mind, we will all build towards a greener and better Earth for the future generations.
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Managing Director

Here at Everbest, we want to educate younger generation on eating healthy and living the better life. We are the first ever in Asia to innovate the healthier food choice for the people. Therefore, we will continue to be an innovative force in developing and promoting soybean products of the highest quality.

Managing Director of Everbest
Mr. Ang Chin Hooi



Halal Certification
Halal Certification
Issued by Jakim, Malaysia
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification
Issued by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
HACCP Certified
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP ) Certification
Issued by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
ISO 22000
Issued by SIRIM


APEA 2020
Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA)
2020 Corporate Excellence Awards
Superbrand 2020
Superbrands Award
Superbrand Malaysia’s Choice 2020
Dear Valued Customers,

As Everbest continues to grow, we’re fully committed to creating value in order to serve our valued customers both locally and globally. We are pleased to announce that our new manufacturing facilities located in the Penang Science Park had started operations in the second half of 2013.

From the humble beginning of a family-based management, we had successfully transformed to corporate management in order to cater for our growing customer base. This change will help us to improve upon the implementation of our core values and principles that will allow us to achieve our goals.

Along with recruiting and nurturing a pool of talented, competent, knowledgeable and skillful people, we will also develop a structural capital meant to better our management system, food safety and quality, integrated manufacturing system and effective supply chain management. With these, we can ensure our customers that we will continue to be an innovative force in developing and promoting soybean products of the highest quality.

In order to emphasize our ‘customers come first’ policy, we will continue to forge relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and customers that will increase mutual benefits. This is because we acknowledge that you play an important role as an intangible value to us for your success equates our success as well.

And finally, in light of all these changes, I would like to show my gratitude and thank everyone at Everbest – from the management team to all employees – as well as all our suppliers and customers for the effort that they have put in to realize our goals. The growth of this company would not have been possible without you.

Thank you.


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