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Glad to hear you love our products, kindly refer the purchase location list as below:

West Malaysia:
Aeon Big, Aeon Jusco, Bens, Billion, Checkers, CS Brother, Econmart, Econsave, Gama, Hero, Jaya Grocer, Lulu, Mydin, NSK, OTK, Shushine, Super 7, Lotus’s (Tesco), TF-Value Mart, Village Grocer, Yawata

CKS, Bataras, Survey

Boulevard, CCK Fresh Mart, Choice Premier, Everrise, Everwin Supermarket, E-Mart, Farley, Ta Kiong

* Remarks: Only for selected outlets

Offline Store:
NTUC, Sheng Siong, Giant, Cold Storage, Song Fish, Prime Supermarket, Hao Mart, Ace Mart

* Remarks: Only for selected outlets

Online Store:
NTUC, Sheng Siong, Giant, Song Fish, Lazada(Redmart)

* Remarks: Only for selected items
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We supply over 31 countries, bringing the finest and freshest soya bean products to satisfied customers around the world.

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We would like our customer to purchase high-quality and fresh products for our customers. Food safety and quality are important aspects of acceptable shelf life. Therefore, we are providing quality soya bean food for customer with a maximum 2 years shelf life only.

Yes, we are currently available at below online platforms:

1. Shopee Malaysia
2. Lazada Malaysia

*Remarks: Only at selected locations

General Enquiry

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    Veg. Vietnam Spring Roll 330g
    Weight/packet: 330g (10 pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 30
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0245
    Barcode: 9555572400174


    Veg. Salad Roll 280g
    Weight/packet: 280g (8 pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 15
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0135
    Barcode: 9555572401126


    Veg Spring Roll 450g
    Weight/packet: 450g (20pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 10
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0135


    Spring roll pastry 8.5in
    Weight/packet: 500g (40pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 20
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0245
    Barcode: 9555573000137


    Spring Roll 7.5in
    Weight/packet: 500g (50pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 20
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0216
    Barcode: 9555573000120


    Chai Gor 350g
    Weight/packet: 350g (5pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 16
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0135
    Barcode: 9555572400334
    Chai Gor 700g
    Weight/packet: 700g (10pcs)
    No. of packet/carton: 16
    Unit m3/carton: 0.0245
    Barcode: 9555572400037
    Dear Valued Customers,

    As Everbest continues to grow, we’re fully committed to creating value in order to serve our valued customers both locally and globally. We are pleased to announce that our new manufacturing facilities located in the Penang Science Park had started operations in the second half of 2013.

    From the humble beginning of a family-based management, we had successfully transformed to corporate management in order to cater for our growing customer base. This change will help us to improve upon the implementation of our core values and principles that will allow us to achieve our goals.

    Along with recruiting and nurturing a pool of talented, competent, knowledgeable and skillful people, we will also develop a structural capital meant to better our management system, food safety and quality, integrated manufacturing system and effective supply chain management. With these, we can ensure our customers that we will continue to be an innovative force in developing and promoting soybean products of the highest quality.

    In order to emphasize our ‘customers come first’ policy, we will continue to forge relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and customers that will increase mutual benefits. This is because we acknowledge that you play an important role as an intangible value to us for your success equates our success as well.

    And finally, in light of all these changes, I would like to show my gratitude and thank everyone at Everbest – from the management team to all employees – as well as all our suppliers and customers for the effort that they have put in to realize our goals. The growth of this company would not have been possible without you.

    Thank you.


    Type: (Salted / Unsalted)
    No. of packet/carton:
    Unit m3/carton:
    Note: Contact us on any sizes you want