What is Plant-based Meat and Why You Need to Try It?

what is plant based meat

By the day, and for a good reason, plant-based meat is growing more common in Malaysia. 

Offering a healthy meat substitute while being substantially more nutritious and packing authentic tastes, aromas, and textures, plant-based meats make it easier than ever to minimize or even eradicate traditional meat consumption.

What Is Plant-Based Meat?

Plant-based meat is products made from plant materials that, from taste to smell, texture and appearance, are designed to imitate meat in any way. One or more substitute protein ingredients are used in plant-based meats and can come in burgers, sausages, ground meat, crumbles, nuggets, or even imitation seafood such as crabsticks.

Types of Plant-Based Meat

Two main forms of plant-based meat are available: whole muscle meat and restructured meat.

The products for whole muscle meat are meant to imitate steak, chicken breast, or any other animal muscle form. Those that resemble products like ground beef, meatballs, sausages, and nuggets are restructured meat products.

What Is Plant-Based Meat Made from?

Plant-based meat can be made from several ingredients depending on the type of meat being processed and its production. The popular ingredients include: 

  • grains
  • legumes (used for proteins)
  • fibers
  • starches

These ingredients are made to more closely resemble meat characteristics through a method known as extrusion. Extruded plant-based meats often use fibers and starches to make products feel like animal meat. Thanks to these ingredients, plant-based meat products can now have the required amount of fibre like real meat.

Regardless of the types of process in which plant-based meats are made, they are similar to real meat in terms of calories and less cholesterol.

Why do you need to try plant-based meat?

Many studies have shown that increased mortality risk is correlated with high consumption of red and processed meats. The United States Department of Health & Human Services estimates that high cholesterol, cancers, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and other chronic, potentially lethal diseases may be related to eating unhealthy red meat quantities.

Plant-based meat like the Everbest Veg. Mock Duck lowers the amount of saturated fat in your diet, thereby increasing the quality of fiber and vitamins that make you less prone to diseases at the same time.

The World Health Organization listed processed meats such as bacon, sausages, and beef jerky as carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer) in 2015 and red meat as “possibly carcinogenic,” like beef, pork, and lamb. These results sound the warning that American diets require a revamp.

Plant-based meats like the Veg. Hong Kong Barbeque Meat can be healthier since they have no cholesterol while containing high amounts of fiber — a nutrient missing from most meat-centric diets since the traditional meat lacks fiber entirely. 

plant based meat

Fortification for more nutritious plant-based meats

By fortifying them with different vitamins and minerals, plant-based meat manufacturers in Malaysia can amplify their products’ nutrient profiles, just as traditional dairy is fortified with nutrients such as vitamin D.  

Besides, Everbest soy-based products such as the Veg. Chicken Meat, Veg. Hong Kong Barbeque Meat, etc., are not loaded with the pesticides and hormones fed from factory farms to livestock. As antibiotic resistance is a severe and growing problem around the world, this is especially important.

Final Thoughts

Opting for alternatives to plant-based meat can help minimize the hazards associated with eating too much meat. Eat plenty of plant-based foods, particularly those called “whole foods,” meaning unrefined, minimally processed foods, for optimal health.

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