How to Stick to your Vegetarian Diet while Working from Home

sticking to a vegetarian diet while working from home

Sticking to your vegetarian diet while you work from home is a lot easier with proper planning. One of the best plans is to keep vegetarian products and plant-based meats, such as ring rolls, fresh soy sticks, fried bean curd, bean curd skin, and more in the fridge.  

Moreover, it’s advisable to put away food that isn’t classified as vegetarian (such as beef and chicken) as doing so will make you crave meat.  

Read on to find out ways you can stick to your vegetarian diet while you work from home. 

1. Make a schedule for your snacks and meals

Establish when you’ll eat throughout the day in the same way you schedule and plan out the rest of your day (get up, workout, shower). Plan ahead of time if you know you prefer to have lunch around noon. 

If the meal will take a long time to cook, prepare the ingredients ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator. The process will speed up once the actual cooking begins. 

Additionally, if you enjoy a late-afternoon snack, make sure to plan for it. If you can, keep some vegetarian snacks such as Everbest ring rolls on your work table. It can also help you stay at your desk at work without having to get up to fetch something.

2. Make sure you actually eat

When you start the day’s work, it can be hard to take a break to eat. However, it’s critical to recognize hunger signals and understand how not eating may influence your alertness and productivity. Vegetarian meals that are high in fiber and protein can keep you satisfied for a long period, allowing you to focus on your task. 

Furthermore, eating throughout the day can prevent you from being a grumpy mess by 5 p.m., causing you to overeat or consume non-vegetarian meals (for those who keep foods non-vegetarians). Set the alarm on your phone, if necessary, to remind you to get up and eat.

3. Make your lunches ahead of time

Something is liberating about making any meal you want (and not having to stand in line for the work microwave is a huge bonus). However, for some people, the flexibility is excessive, particularly when it comes to weekday lunches. 

If possible, prepare your lunches ahead of time, just like you would on days when you go to work. It also doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. A simple type of meal prep that eliminates all the guesswork is a pack of lettuce, precut veggies, Everbest veg drumsticks, and nuts.

Prepare the veggies ahead of time by chopping them up. 

4. Concentrate on eating

Now that your coworkers aren’t physically present, you might be tempted to work through your lunch break. Don’t do it! Being preoccupied during a meal can contribute to overeating and a reduction in satiety (fullness and satisfaction).

Instead, take a break from work to sit down at a table and relax for a few minutes while eating your lunch. You’ll have a better time eating it, and you’ll be better prepared for the remainder of your workday. 

5. Don't keep non-vegetarian foods

Don’t keep non-vegetarian foods in your fridge or pantry, as mentioned in the introduction of this post. This may lead to indulging just because you have them on hand. Keep non-vegetarian food out of your house as much as possible.

If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. However, if you live with meat-eaters, this may be tough. In this case, keep your food in separate parts of the fridge and be strong. 

In a Nutshell

Consider preparing a meal plan for the week or month. Doing this can help you stick to your vegetarian diet. Also, if you have a specific body goal you hope to achieve, you can prepare your meal plan based on your desired body goal.

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