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Tips to Host a Vegetarian-Friendly Hari Raya Open House

having vegetarian hari raya open house

The celebrations for Hari Raya Aidilfitri are an excellent opportunity for you and your guests to indulge in their favourite vegetarian-friendly foods, especially for Muslims who have recently observed the month of Ramadan.


Families, friends, and loved ones come together to eat delicious curries, salads, and grilled plant-based meats, then enjoy treats and drinks made for the occasion.


In this post, we will explore tips for hosting a fantastic vegetarian-friendly Hari Raya open house, as well as dishes to wow your guests!


1. Understand the difference between being a vegetarian and being a vegan

Most people still assume that being a vegetarian and being a vegan are synonymous, mistaking the word “vegan” for a shortened form of the word “vegetarian.”


A vegetarian is someone who does not consume real meat (including seafood). Vegans have chosen not to support any form of animal exploitation.


This includes not just the decision to avoid eating meat, but also any animal by-products such as eggs, milk, and honey.

With this information, you should know what to prepare for your vegetarian guests.


2. Try to learn how stringent your vegetarian guests are

Some vegetarians insist that their vegetables shouldn’t be cooked in pots and utensils that have previously been used to cook real meat.


Other vegetarians may have other defined principles. It’s usually a good idea to find out what your guests are comfortable with.


3. Keep your cooking easy and stress-free

During this time, you will require a lot of energy to keep up with all of the festivities and frequent visits. You don’t want to appear exhausted and weak when your guests arrive.


You can save time in the kitchen by preparing most of your ingredients ahead of time and buying ready-to-eat vegetarian products from a vegetarian food manufacturer that makes plant-based meats and other foods in Malaysia.


4. Get a variety of plant-based proteins ready

Tempeh and tofu are the most common sources of protein for Malaysian vegetarians. Tempeh has 20% protein and is one of the world’s most reliable, high-quality plant-based sources.


Tofu is high in protein, at least 10%. For the sake of quality, get plant-based meats from a trusted manufacturer in Malaysia.


Everbest offers various plant-based meats, from Veg. Teochew Duck to Veg. Mutton and Veg. Prawns.


Now that you know how to host a vegetarian-friendly Hari Raya open house, let’s look at some dishes you can impress your guests with.


Vegetarian-Friendly Foods for Your Hari Raya Open House

Veg. Spring Roll

Spring Roll
Veg Spring Roll 450g


Veg. Spring rolls are a favourite snack at any Hari Raya open house. The crispy rolls stuffed with a flavourful mixed veggie filling will satisfy your guests.


Everbest’s ready-to-eat Veg. Spring rolls will save you the time and energy of trying to cook this from scratch.


Everbest Veg. Spring Rolls are filled with a delectable vegetable combination and wrapped in healthy pastry sheets. Serve it as an appetiser or dessert at your open house.

Veg. Salad Roll

Veg. Salad Roll
Veg. Salad Roll 280g


The Veg. Salad Roll is a fresh and tasty way to consume vegetables. It’s ideal for a Hari Raya open house.


Fresh corn and mayonnaise are layered with crispy bread crumbs to create a flavour that will leave everyone wanting more.


This is the best option if you want to prepare a delicious snack or appetisers for your vegetarian guests in less than 20 minutes.

Vietnam Spring Roll

Vietnam Spring Roll
Veg. Vietnam Spring Roll 330g


Our Vietnamese spring rolls are made with only nutritious and fresh vegetarian-friendly products.


It’s crispy and tasty and can be served as a dessert or an appetiser during an open house celebration.


These spring rolls are a tasty alternative to the regular fried kind and have become “the vegetarian’s favourite.” Serve with your preferred dipping sauce and everyone will thank you!


Spring Rolls Pastry

Spring Roll Pastry 7.5''
Spring roll pastry 8.5in
Spring Roll 7.5in

Talk about layers of ultra-crispiness that have been golden-browned to perfection! Spring roll wrappers are an essential (and much-loved) ingredient in spring rolls.


The Everbest Spring Roll Wrapper can be utilised in a variety of ways, including snacks, appetizers, main dishes, and salad dressing. 

It is also adaptable to a wide range of recipes.


It is simple to peel, not sticky, has no preservatives, and comes in two sizes: 7.5″ and 8.5″.


Spicy Veg. Chicken Samosa Recipe

Vegetarian samosa

Spicy Veg. Chicken Samosa

The Spicy Veg. Chicken Samosa is a deep-fried snack that consists of a crispy pastry stuffed with flavourful veg. chicken masala.
These savoury pastry bites are irresistible. They can be filled with anything from veggies to plant-based meats. You can make it somewhat sweet or spicy. It is a sure-fire guest pleaser!
Course Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Malaysian


  • 1 packs Everbest Veg. Roasted Chicken
  • 8 pcs 7.5” Everbest Spring Rolls Pastry
  • 2 tbsp Dairy Free Yogurt
  • 1 tbsp Chilli Flakes
  • 1 tbsp Chilli Powder
  • 1 tbsp Vegan Mayonnaise
  • Oregano Leaves
  • Pepper
  • Salt


The Stuffing

  • Make bite-size chunks of the Everbest veg. chicken meat.
  • In a mixing bowl, mix the bite-size veg. chicken meat, dairy free yogurt, chilli flakes, oregano leaves, pepper, chilli powder, and vegan mayonnaise.
  • Set aside for 30 minutes after thoroughly mixing.
  • Cook the veg. chicken meat in a skillet with some vegetable oil over medium heat.
  • It will take 5 to 10 minutes to achieve a delicate and juicy texture.
  • Avoid overcooking the veg. chicken meat.

The Pastry

  • Take out 8 pieces of Everbest Spring Rolls Pastry.
  • Brush a little water on the last edge to help them hold together.
  • Put half a spoonful of cooked veg.chicken meat inside the cone.
  • Finally, seal the top edge in the same manner that you did before.
  • These samosas can be frozen now for future use. Place in a tray, lined with wax/ baking paper and place a single layer. Cover with another layer of waxed paper and repeat. Once frozen, the samosas can be packed together in a plastic food bag.
  • If you plan on using some right away, I still recommend freezing for at least half an hour. They come out crisper without any tearing this way.

The Dipping Sauce

  • Garnish the vegan mayonnaise with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.
  • Garnish the chilli sauce with oregano if desired.


  • In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil to 175 degrees Celsius.
  • Fry the samosas until they are golden brown.
  • When it is equally browned, take it from the frying pan and place it on a kitchen towel to cool.
  • The delicious Spicy Veg. Chicken Samosas are now ready to serve!
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In a Nutshell

These classic delicacies have proven to be a hit with vegetarians.


Tap into the nostalgia of the Hari Raya season with a dazzling array of all or some of these foods, and your guests will be begging for more.


All of these Everbest vegetarian products are available at major supermarkets in Malaysia.


Last but not least, remember to top off your meals with a free-flowing cordial punch and soft drinks for a thirst-quenching finish.



Veg. Vietnam Spring Roll 330g
Weight/packet: 330g (10 pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 30
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Veg. Salad Roll 280g
Weight/packet: 280g (8 pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 15
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Veg Spring Roll 450g
Weight/packet: 450g (20pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 10
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Spring roll pastry 8.5in
Weight/packet: 500g (40pcs)
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Spring Roll 7.5in
Weight/packet: 500g (50pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 20
Unit m3/carton: 0.0216
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Chai Gor 350g
Weight/packet: 350g (5pcs)
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