Plant-based Meat: Will It Be the Meat of the Future?

Nyonya plant based meat Chicken

In business, like in any other area of life, the saying “adapt or die” holds true. 

As plant-based meat gains in popularity, some of the world’s largest meat producers are doing just that—adapting. These companies are introducing vegetarian meat into their product line. 

For good reason, the market for plant-based meats has been rapidly expanding and is anticipated to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

Plant-based meats are making it easier than ever to reduce or eliminate conventional meat consumption. 

They’re a healthier alternative to meat that’s more sustainable. Moreover, they are packed with authentic flavours, aromas, and textures.

Why is Plant-Based Meat The Food of The Future?

1. Breakthroughs in Ingredients

It is not exaggerating to say that some plant-based meats are beginning to taste like traditional meat. 

After years of testing, many traditional meat producers have made convincing meat substitutes using plant components such as soybean roots and pea protein. 

These meat substitutes are even made to bleed like real meat. For example, by using an iron-containing molecule called haemoglobin or beets during the manufacturing process, now burger patties can “bleed”, just like real beef. 

In fact, these plant-based meats have a crave-able and delicious element to them, and they are quite easy to incorporate into our diets.

2. Health

Vegetarian meats are starting to gain in popularity in Malaysia for health reasons. A rising amount of evidence has connected red meat intake to diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in recent years. 


People can cut back on how much meat they eat each week by adding more plant-based foods to their diet. This will also improve their overall health.

Also, did you know a plant-based diet can aid in the management of high blood sugar levels? Fibre is abundant in plant-based diets, which inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. 


This helps to keep cortisol levels in check, relieving stress and reducing appetite throughout the day. Animal meat, on the other hand, raises blood sugar levels.  

Additionally, as plant-based meat can be created to include more protein, vital amino acids, and vitamins while reducing saturated fat, it is healthier than ordinary animal meat.

3. Consumer Inclination

In fact, the bulk of plant-based meat-eaters is not vegans or vegetarians. Instead, they’re omnivores who prefer a varied diet. 

Most people genuinely want to cut back on their meat intake and replace it with more plants, and they want to do it with something delicious, economical, and simple to prepare.

4. Solve Global Hunger 

With the growth of the plant-based meat business, the world may be able to escape long-term food instability. According to the United Nations, 815 million people worldwide are undernourished, with another 2 billion likely to join them by 2050. 

Countries should plant more nutritious crops instead of meat to make their food production systems more sustainable, according to the UN. 

5. Conserve the Environment

We all think that natural resources like water and space are abundant. However, with the world’s population continuously expanding, this may not hold true anymore. In fact, plants require significantly less clean water and far less room to grow than animals.

If the demand for animal meat reduces, precious natural resources like water and space can be used for other critical things like building houses and schools instead of livestock farming.

In Closing

Vegetarian or plant-based meats are not only here to stay, but they could also contribute to redefining the food sector as a whole, as seen by consumer demand and favourable feedback over the years.

Vegetarian meats are the type of transformation the world needs right now when the threat of climate change is creating havoc and many people are suffering from the bad health repercussions of eating too much traditional meat.

So, the next time you’re in the grocery store in Malaysia, try Everbest vegetarian meat and see for yourself how good it is for the environment and your taste buds.


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