8 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

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Many people have tried but failed to lose weight, even after spending a lot of money on weight loss products, diets, and programs. Going by way of a conventional diet and exercise plan can be quite tasking, making most people lose their enthusiasm and fall back to their unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in more weight gain. 

Thankfully, there are ways to help us eat fewer calories, thereby reducing our weight and even preventing future weight gain without the need for exercising. Here are eight great ways to lose weight without exercising.

1. Chew Your Food Thoroughly and Eat Slowly

When you take time to chew your food thoroughly, you eat more slowly, which leads to decreased food intake and increased fullness. Eating slowly can make you feel more full with fewer calories since your brain needs time to process that you’ve had enough to eat.

Eating your food slowly is an easy way to lose weight and prevent weight gain.

2. Use Small Plates For Unhealthy Foods

Most food plates are now larger than they used to be, and this trend has significantly contributed to the weight gain.

Eating with smaller plates may help you eat less by making portions look bigger. Bigger plates make the portion look small, making you want to add more food.

This simple psychology can be used to your advantage by serving healthy foods on bigger plates and less healthy ones on smaller plates.

3. Substitute Meat With Plant-based Meat

Most people now believe that plant-based meats are tasty as real meat and are even better for the environment. Plant-based meat is believed to help with weight loss because of its satisfying effect.

Plant-based meat helps you feel more satisfied after a meal and stay fuller for a longer time.

Therefore, consuming more plant-based meats, which are low in calories, will keep you fuller for more extended periods without needing to eat some calorie-packed foods.

The best plant-based meats in Malaysia can be shopped at Everbest. Some of them include veg. spiced duck, chai gor, veg. yuba fish, veg. drumsticks, etc.

4. Drink More Water

Drinking water helps you eat less and lose weight, especially when you drink before a meal. Several studies had shown that adults who drink half a litre of water about 30 minutes before meals reduced hunger and calorie intake.

The participants of this study who drank water before a meal lost more weight over 12 weeks than people who did not. Replacing calorie-loaded drinks like soda or juice with water can even have a greater effect on losing weight.

5. Get a Healthy Amount of Sleep Regularly

Without enough sleep, your body increases levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and reduces the satiety hormone leptin, resulting in unignorable hunger pangs.

Studies have shown that a sleep-deprived person will crave more unhealthy, high-calorie, and high-fat foods, which means that you won’t just be eating more, but you will also be feeding on more junk.

6. Keep Your Freezer Stocked With Veggies

After a long day at work and you get home hungry, you have two options: order a high-calorie, greasy food delivery, or thaw the frozen veggies and fill up on some healthy foods.

Having healthy ingredients in your freezer, such as fruits, veggies, and pre-portioned plant-based meat, will reduce your chances of ordering unhealthy delivery foods that will promote weight gain.

7. Eat Eggs in the Morning

Eating eggs for breakfast makes you full and can help you eat fewer calories throughout the day, which will help you lose weight.

One large boiled egg, which is about 50 grams, contains less than one gram of carbs and is an excellent protein source. Eggs are also packed with amino acids, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

8. Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is excellent for weight management. It helps reduce food cravings and improve portion control.

To practice mindful eating, avoid distractions such watch TV, laptop, and reading. Eat at a table, and concentrate more on the taste of the food, and be aware of signs that your stomach is full.

In a Nutshell

So here you go. The eight great tips you can follow to lose weight without exercising. Act today and start making positive changes in your lifestyle.

Remember, you don’t have to lose 10kg in a month. Take one step at a time, stick to your healthy ways, and never give up. Good luck!


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