8 Easy Tips to Become a More Adventurous Eater

Adventurous Eater

It’s easy to get into an unintended food rut, whether you’re an adventurous eater or not. Perhaps you had an unpleasant childhood incident with a certain meal, or perhaps you’ve just given up on an ingredient after one bad taste. Either way, indeed, old dietary habits can cause us to resist change.


Becoming a more adventurous eater doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. In fact, it can be a delightful way to reopen doors to foods you previously believed you would never enjoy. It’s time to reconsider your palette and rediscover your passion for food again.


Here are eight easy tips to become a more adventurous eater.



1. Eat with friends

It is more pleasurable to try new foods with friends. People tend to catch up on the social signs of someone enjoying a certain food, which increases its appeal.


The same method can be used by parents coping with a picky child. Studies show that kids frequently replicate adult eating patterns, even down to particular foods. For instance, if you are trying to be adventurous with vegetarian food, hang out with your friends who are vegetarians.


You could let them take the lead on ordering if you are comfortable with it, whether you are with a large group and sharing a lot of small dishes or with just one person. Their top picks might not be the ones you’re drawn to right away, but you could end up enjoying them the most.




2. Learn some new prep tricks

Brussels sprouts are a prime example of a meal that many people loathe because of childhood memories of overdone sprouts. When Brussels sprouts are overcooked, they become mushy and have an overpowering sulfurous odor, which is why they are loathed by so many people.


You could reintroduce foods that gave you a negative experience into your diet by learning new methods to cook them, and you could fall in love with them for the first time.


Brussels sprouts, for example, can be roasted in the oven or sautéed in a skillet in a tiny amount of olive oil until the leaves begin to caramelize, at which time they will take on a nutty yet sweet flavour.


Raw Brussels sprouts can also be shredded and used in salads or coleslaws in place of cabbage, and their delicate flavour provides a perfect basis for vinaigrettes and creamy dressings.




3. Give up 'some' control

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If you opened your fridge and had the option of cooking turkey burgers or plant-based meat (such as Everbest veg. chicken meat, veg. Hong Kong barbeque meat, veg. stewed lamb chunk, and more) you convinced yourself to buy at the grocery store, odds are you’d select the familiar option.


When you don’t have control over the menu, you’re obliged to consume whatever is in front of you. This method does not always work, but it can get you further than relying on familiar alternatives to force yourself to branch out.


However, it is critical not to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation because creating excessive anxiety about food may exacerbate the problem! Knowing you’re not compelled to consume something you don’t like may make you feel more adventurous.








4. Rethink unappealing textures

The texture is a big part of how you perceive food. In other words, something that tastes delicious might be troublesome if it has an unappealing mouthfeel.


In this regard, some people find eating vegetables extremely difficult, with mushrooms, tomatoes, and boiled spinach or other greens topping the list of most disliked textures.


Instead of dismissing these foods (although they are all extremely nutrient-packed), try integrating them into sauces, casseroles, mashes, and puréed soups.


Mushrooms can be processed in a food processor and added to meat sauces or used to replace part of the minced meat in a shepherd’s pie.


Spinach can also be used in this manner (use fresh or frozen spinach and incorporate into sauces with an immersion blender).


Puréed tomatoes can be made using fresh in-season tomatoes or purchased tinned.


In addition, it’s also a good idea to try out food that has exciting wrapping over the vegetable, such as Everbest veg. spring roll. It is super crunchy and perfect for tea time or a weekend brunch.




Veg Handmade Spring Roll
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5. Find ways to incorporate new foods into your diet

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When moving outside of your usual eating patterns, try to give unfamiliar foods a try wherever and whenever feasible.


This might be as simple as selecting different vegetarian products such as Everbest veg. prawn, veg. salad roll, veg. mushroom meat, and more at the grocery store each week and put them into your normal meal plan.


If you buy your lunch most days of the week but get the same thing every time, try something new at least once a week—this can be a different salad, sandwich or a brand-new meal from a local food truck.






6. Focus on 'easier' foods

If scents disturb you, don’t start by trying to eat that stinky tofu. Instead, start looking at food photographs online.


Is there anything that piques your interest? Consider a moment when you were at a restaurant or a party and were interested in a dish or finger food. 


Try engaging with those foods before moving on to foods that are more difficult for you to consume because of how they appear, feel, smell, or taste. 




7. If you don’t succeed at first, try again

If at all possible, resist the impulse to make an opinion about a dish just after having it for the first time. People who are picky eaters have the potential to become more adventurous with their food choices if they are frequently exposed to different flavours over time, according to studies.


So, before making a decision, give new ingredients at least two tries. When sampling new meals more than once, it’s also crucial to establish a pressure-free environment for oneself.


This way, you’re more likely to link that specific taste with a good eating experience.





8. Know your limits

There’s no need to torment yourself if you’ve given a dish a fair chance and still don’t like it. Eating should be a pleasurable and memorable experience, not a source of stress.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of culinary alternatives available, many of which are global. Have some fun with it and go on an adventure. Just be sure that your eating habits aren’t harming your health.



Final Takeaways

Picky eating is fairly common and should not be feared. You can become more adventurous when you dine with friends and follow the other tips in this post.

Have fun with your meals, and keep in mind that your attitude and approach at mealtimes will define your views towards food.

So, try to get excited and be adventurous when trying out new dishes.


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