How to Cook Plant-based Meat?

Yuba plant based meat

Whatever you’re craving, there’s always something delicious and healthy that will satisfy your appetite, such as plant-based meat.

Today, plant-based meat and vegetarian food manufacturers in Malaysia, such as Everbest, have made vegetarian products more accessible in the country.

These vegetarian products are often produced from soy or pea protein, and their flavor and texture are quite similar to those of real meat.

It can be challenging to begin cooking with plant-based meat, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

While practically every vegetarian food manufacturer in Malaysia has cooking directions on the food package, there are a few general guidelines to follow regardless of the kind of plant-based meat you get.

Tips for Cooking with Plant-based Meat

1. Season generously

Seasonings are necessary when cooking with plant-based meat. Because these ingredients have little flavour on their own, you’ll need to rely on marinades, sauces, and spices to give them a ‘meaty’ flavour.


Check the packaging to verify if the plant-based meat is already seasoned (as it is in the case of some pre-shaped patties, sausages, and crumbles) or if it is unseasoned (as it is in the case of regular ground meat).


If the plant-based meat isn’t already seasoned, use the same seasoning ratios and kinds as you would for your favorite dishes. For example, use the same quantity of breadcrumbs in dishes like meatballs for the most tender (and juicy!) outcomes.

2. Cook with an air fryer

Bow Tie Soy Chip

The counter-top air fryer has become one of the must-have kitchen devices in recent years, promising nearly oil-free fried meals.


This innovative gadget uses hot air to generate a crispy, deep-fried texture with only a thin layer of oil, making it a lower-calorie, healthier method to prepare your favorite fried foods.


When it comes to cooking with plant-based meat, consider cooking it using an air fryer for a healthier and more delicious treat.

3. Don't overcook

Plant-based meat, while designed to be sensory-indistinguishable from animal meat, is nonetheless made up of a variety of components that cook differently.

Most brands can be cooked in the same way as their meatier equivalents, but watch out for overcooking.

Plant-based meat requires careful cooking, unlike real meat patties, which have a lot of natural fat to keep it moist and juicy. For the best results, follow any directions specified by the food manufacturer.

4. Sear it well

While you don’t want to overcook plant-based meat, giving it a beautiful sear is definitely a smart idea.

Start with a properly preheated pan or grill to ensure a good crust forms without sticking. The plant-based meat will release from the grates easier if the grill is thoroughly oiled.


Plant-based meat might feel a little stickier before it’s cooked because it’s often composed of beans and plant starch. On the grill or in a cast-iron skillet, use a metal spatula to release and flip plant-based meat; a plastic spatula may not have the same sharp edge.

5. Get creative

Seafood Yuba Curry Noodle

Yes, use your imagination and try new things. We all have oils, condiments, herbs, and spices in our fridge or pantry, so why not have some fun exploring new recipes? 


Start by marinating the plant-based meat according to your preferences. Try a few times and don’t give up. The key is to have fun with it.

In a Nutshell

Eating plant-based meat can help reduce your carbon footprint and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, you can use it to replace meat most of the time.

If you’re new to plant-based meat, take it slowly at first. You don’t have to change your entire diet all at once. Incorporate the plant-based meat into meals using components you already know and love, then discover what works and what you enjoy.

Happy cooking and eating!


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