If you are a vegetarian and you want to add variety and convenience to your meals, a great option is frozen food.

The main benefit of frozen vegetarian food is that it can be stored longer than fresh foods. You can stock your freezer with a wide variety of options to create different meals over an extended period of time.

And the great thing about freezing preserved food is that they don’t need additives, which means you can enjoy the same nutritional benefits of fresh ingredients. 

Frozen vegetarian food in Malaysia have grown in popularity over the past few years. In fact, there are several great tasting soybeans products for vegans and vegetarians or those just wanting a meatless meal.

Choose frozen vegetarian foods that go through the minimum amount of processing, and that are low in calories and sodium. 

Everbest who became the first integrated soybean product processor in Malaysia in 2013 offers the best Soya Bean Products as meat substitutes in terms of nutrition and flavor.

In addition, all Everbest products are made from Canadian non-GMO soybeans that ensure high quality nutritional value that is good for your heart and health. 

Everbest offers a wide variety of options that include:


This amazing meal is made with Non-GMO soybean. It has no preservatives, no MSG added and no Trans Fat. The primary ingredient is Wheat flour, soy, herbs and spices.
It can be cooked in a few ways:

  • Deep fried
  • Stew
  • Steam

Combine Teo Chew Duck with broccoli, rice and mushrooms, and you will have a complete nutritious meal within 30 minutes.
You can also do this meal with Everbest Vegetarian Mock Duck.


If you want to enjoy the classic roasted chicken in soy, try this Vegetarian Chicken Meat from Everbest. The product is high in protein and is so easy to prepare in all cooking styles.

It can be fried and become a finger food. Alternatively, if you want a healthier choice, steam it. It can then be added to soup or hot pot.

This dish is also ideal to be served with spaghetti, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and olive oil.


If you want to enjoy a barbeque meal, you should really try Everbest Hong Kong Barbeque Meat.

This is an all time favorite dish. Besides being fragrant and flavorful, it has great taste. It’s high in protein, fiber and calcium.

Hong Kong Barbeque Meat is so versatile that it can serve on its own or accompany your favorite dishes.


This vegetarian seafood version of Tofu is loved by everyone, including the chef. It is juicy, and it has a spongy texture.

Vegetarian seafood tofu is an amazing combination of seafood taste with soy, and more often than not, it becomes the right choice for all stir-fried dishes.

You can make vegetarian and vegan fish sticks using tofu and seaweed flakes. Bake these sticks if you want to enjoy a low fat and healthy meal.


If you are having a party, a great option would be these vegetarian Salad Rolls.

​The fresh corn and mayonnaise are layered with crispy bread crumbs to bring out a unique taste that will make everyone want more.

All you have to do is fry them and you will have a great snack or appetizer in less than 20 minutes.


These healthy Vietnamese rolls are prepared using only healthy ingredients, including fresh vegetables.

They can be served at lunch, dinner or as an appetizer for a party with soy sauce for dipping.


Other Everbest Soya Bean Products include:

  • Vegetarian Prawn
  • Vegetarian Stewed Lamb Chunk
  • Vegetarian Fish Ball
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Meat
  • Japanese Tofu Puff
  • Vegetarian Young Tau Fu
  • Seafood Yuba
  • Vegetarian Nyonya Chicken
  • and many more!

You can add all Everbest products to a wide variety of dishes, such as rice, soups, pasta, mushrooms, etc. No matter how you eat them, you can be sure you are making a healthy and practical choice.