Veg. Siew Mai
Well known for its elegant taste as a sumptuous Dim Sum dish, the delicious Veg. Siew Mai has garnered great praise and is a favorite for vegetarians everywhere.
Serving Method

Weight/packet: 250g (18pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 50pkt
Unit m3/carton: 0.0428
Barcode: 9555572400143

Weight/packet: 500g (36pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 28pkt
Unit m3/carton: 0.0306
Barcode: 9555572400235

Weight/packet: 1kg (70pcs)
No. of packet/carton: 15pkt
Unit m3/carton: 0.0306
Barcode: 9555572400150